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New Product! Check out the Spoon Saver


Is the Brisker a breadbox?

  • NO! The Brisker dries out everything inside and will turn bread into croutons

How do I clean my Brisker (e.g., if your Brisker has a funky smell)

  • Unplug your Brisker, let it cool, remove the contents, and wipe it out with a mixture of 1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol mixed in 1 cup of water. We like to use a textured towel like a terry cloth to wipe out the inside to remove any rancid oils. Then plug your Brisker back in and leave the door open to let the rubbing alcohol evaporate and leave a clean smelling Brisker. 

  • At this point, you should only place back in the Brisker items which are fresh or smell normal. If some of your snack's packaging has a strong odor, we suggest that you place snacks into microwavable glass bowls.

  • You might find that one of the items in your in your Brisker has a very short shelf life, is going rancid relatively quickly, and is tainting the inside of your Brisker and other items inside. This can happen with certain foods that contain high levels of non-trans fats. These foods will still enjoy a longer shelf life inside the Brisker, but must be consumed within 2 weeks or removed.

Can I put the Brisker inside a cabinet?

  • Yes! As long as there is a place to plug in and the Brisker has a few inches on each side to "breathe," it's fine to keep your Brisker in a cabinet or under a counter.