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New Product! Check out the Spoon Saver
New Product! Check out the Spoon Saver

About Us

Brisker: Our Family's Favorite Snack Box

The Brisker lives at the center of the Pease Family home, warming and crisping the crackers they munch on before dinner and the cookies they sneak afterwards.

The Peases first fell in love with the Brisker in North Carolina, at the beach where the humidity sinks into everything, and ruins dry, crunch snacks in days. When they learned the founder of Brisker had health issues, they took over the company and have been evangelizing the Brisker ever since.

A family business, the Peases manufacture the Brisker in Cincinnati Ohio and care deeply about producing a quality appliance that will last for generations.

We believe the Brisker magic can be experienced in a single bite. New flavors and jump out of your favorite snacks and into your mouth after crisping and warming in the Brisker. It's like listening to a favorite song with new clarity.