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New Product! Check out the Spoon Saver
New Product! Check out the Spoon Saver

Brisker Spoon Saver

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Unique accessory for in-sink garbage disposals everywhere. This product reinvents splash guards to rescue cutlery from slipping down into the disposal and adds an extra layer of safety.

Prioritizing Safety: Shielding Kids and Utensils from Harm

Championing safety excellence, our kitchen waste disposal guard proudly features a patented design that ensures absolute protection, preventing young hands and kitchen utensils from entering the grinding chamber.

Easy to Clean:

Our Splash Guard is removable, easy to clean and Dishwasher Safe! Say goodbye to permanently filthy disposal splash-guards. It is made of super tough EPDM rubber and is designed to last a lifetime.

Streamlined Food Flow:

With our cutting-edge disposal guard, food waste passes through smoothly and efficiently, eradicating the hassle of pushing it through slimy flaps.


  • Made of high grade rubber
  • Dishwasher and food safe
  • 3.5" diameter and 4.5" depth

Compatible with:

  • Insinkerator disposalls
  • Most any sink with a standard 3.5" drain diameter


Simply place on top of the existing disposal guard. If your existing guard is dirty or blocks installation, most can be easily popped out or cut out with a razor blade.